Videos are Engaging

Getting a potential customer to understand and absorb your brand messaging can be challenging. You are faced with the inevitable task of having to appease an audience who each has their preferred methods for absorbing information – such as visual, kinesthetic and audio learners.

So you need a medium that can communicate to all of these potential customers, right? This is where video steps into the breach. A recent study by Animoto showed that 77% of consumers consider companies that create online video to be more engaged with their customers. Video is unique in that it can simultaneously tell and show your customers what you are all about, actively engaging with your audience rather than sitting back and letting them do the work.

An Opportunity to Introduce Your Brand or Business

Trying to provide a complete portrait of what your brand stands for or cover everything that your product can provide can be difficult. A well done video can communicate the personality and culture of your business or brand much more effectively than a bio. Take this opportunity to highlight what you think is valuable about your specific services or product, through your voice.

Enhance your Users Experience

Keep your visitors engaged with an alternative to basic text and images, this is guaranteed to extend the length of their visit to your site. Use video content to demonstrate how to use your product or service. As previously mentioned, video cuts down on boring text based communications and gives you an outlet to provide faster, more engaging visual content. This can provide them with both a more enjoyable and more productive user experience throughout your whole site.

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